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10 Ways to Safely Use a Heater in Your Home

A room heater can be an indispensable appliance in your home during the months of winter. A room heater that works effectively and efficiently keeps your home warm and welcoming, ensuring comfortable living conditions for you and your family.

But inasmuch as a room heater is a great source of comfort and provides numerous benefits for your home, it can also be rather hazardous, especially if it is not operated properly. Numerous fires at homes are reported every year because of mishaps with a heater.

Thankfully most of the heaters being manufactured today have built-in safety measures to keep them from causing fires, but the mishandling of these appliances can still lead to accidents.

To avoid heater-related mishaps, read on to find out more about heater safety tips for your home.

1. Do not, under any circumstances, leave a running heater unattended. Only turn it on when you or someone else is inside the room. Otherwise, keep your room heater turned off and unplugged at all times.

2. Always set the heater on the floor or any flat surface for stability. Never place it on top of any kind of furniture. Additionally, though they can be unsightly, never set heater cords under rugs or carpets to hide them, as this might lead to the heater overheating.

3. Ensure that all components of the heater are working properly before use. Never attempt to turn on and use a room heater with a defective part. A heater’s plugin particular can wear out from constant use, so ensure that yours fit snugly into an outlet in your room, to avoid possible overheating.

4. Do not operate a room heater near any flammable liquids and other materials like debris, solvents, and paints.

5. If you own a propane heater, only use it in well-ventilated areas of your property. Propane heaters emit carbon monoxide that can be harmful.

6. Do not plug a room heater into an extension cord. Instead, always plug directly into a wall outlet. Using an extension cord can increase the risk of your heater overheating.

7. Give your room heater enough space, ensuring a proper distance of at least three feet from any items that can be set on fire like rugs, carpets, paper, or clothing.

8. Make sure that smoke alarms have been installed in all relevant spaces of your home and regularly inspect them to see if they are working properly. This is especially critical once you start using a heater inside your home.

9. Place your room heater in an area in the room away from doorways or other places with high foot traffic, to minimise the risk of anyone tripping on the heater or worse, toppling it over.

10. Do not use room heaters for anything else, such as to warm bedding, dry clothes, or cook food. These heaters are only made to provide supplementary heat – any other purpose might lead to damage of the appliance.