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Common Faults in an Electric Water Heater

Just like any other electrical appliance a water heater develops faults with time. Some of the problems are minor and easily fixable, but others need the services of a qualified electrician to fix them. Do not assume that the problem is just minor and can get fixed while the power is on. An electric water heater consumes very high voltages of electricity, which can result in serious repercussions if repairs do not get the proper attention needed.

What are these faults that affect an electric hot water heater?  It can take you several hours to come up with the solution of any electrical fault, but you will save a significant amount if you know how to go about performing some of the simple fix-ups. However, if you are not experienced in dealing with electrical repairs, you are better off contracting the services of an electrician.

What Indicates Faults in a Heater?

There are common problems that happen to an electric hot water heater as a sign that there are serious faults with the heater. They include:

  • No hot water at all – this is mostly as a result of a failure of the circuit breaker. The next suspect is failed limit switch, thermostat or the element. Another source of the problem could be very loose connections.
  • Not Enough amount of hot water – this mostly is connected to the thermostat, heating elements, or both of them. Also, it could be a problem with a dip tube and loose connections.
  • Taking too long to heat – this could be a problem as a result of an unadjusted thermostat, lower power element, and thermostat. Another reason could be a build of sediments at the bottom of the tank.
  • Too hot water – the thermostat could have been set to emit so much energy. Also, it could be malfunctioning of the thermostat.
  • Heating elements being too noisy – this could be as a result of wrong elements. It is worth replacing the parts since they are cheaper to buy. Look for the elements that have a low density, they are the best in an electric hot water heater.
  • Dirty colored water – this could be as a result of sediments, an anode that has dissolved. It is this anode that prevents rusting in a water heater tank. So when the anode is dissolved, the tank start rusting causing colored water
  • Bad smell – this is a result of bacteria in the reservoir. You can just flush the tank with water or change the anode.

Common Problems

Some of the faults in an electric hot water heater include:

  • Faulty thermostat – this cuts the power from flowing to the elements hence no hot water.
  • Faulty parts – most of the heaters contain two elements. Replacing them is a bit cheaper. They are the cause of many common signs of a faulty water heater.
  • Loose wiring – the cables that are feeding power to the heater may have issues.
  • Broken dip tube of the heater

In conclusion, contact a professional on the serious problems that you cannot handle. Have respect for the electricity.