3 Trends Most Designers Will Be Following in 2019

When it comes to analyzing internet development trends for the future, it’s not difficult to predict how it will be. This online era let us advance better and faster, and it’s a hard work to the average old fashioned companies to try to follow those who are extremely linked to the information technologies such as websites and blogs. About the future of such media, we have some of the trends webs designers are going to follow next year.

Drop Shadows and Depth

A trend which consists in having features such as interesting variants shadows in order to create the illusion of three dimensions by placing a pseudo-example behind a design element such as an object or type to generate a versatile visual impact.

Mobile Friendly Version

Another trend which consists in preparing in advance a web design to fit on Smartphones browsers, which actually, have surpassed desktop computer browsers for far. Due to the fact that so many people are using a smartphone, web designers are going to master the special design of menus, options, icons and main pages to be well-visualized in the mobile version.

Big, Bold Typography

This is the key element that proposes the catchy title made by authors which actually perform the trying of appeal user’s attention.

Is with this typography what will convey the message the creator has made, in order to introduce and also represent his website, and the topic it is about.

Actually, nowadays big letters and the other features are already being used, what is so expected is that the designer revolutionizes the way headings, effects and different versions, are now presented and support them by making lively contrasts and continue enhancing the interest of the user and so he keeps reading your website.

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