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Evaporative Cooling Repair: A How-To Guide

An evaporative cooling air conditioning system can help bring much-needed comfort to your home on a warm day. But what happens if your evaporative cooling system suddenly isn’t working? Read on to find out more about simple evaporative cooling repair.

But first, we must understand how evaporative cooling works. It might sound complicated, but it actually is quite simple. Evaporative cooling follows the same principles as evaporation – that is, warm air from outside is blows through pads soaked in water. The hot air makes the water from the pads evaporate, turning it into cool air. A fan then blows the cool air into the home or a duct system so that it reaches multiple parts of the home.

Evaporative air coolers are ideal for use in hot and dry areas where there is little humidity. Unfortunately the higher the humidity, the less effective an evaporative cooling system will be.

What you will need for evaporative cooling repair

– a screwdriver

– a wrench

– lubricating spray

– safety gear

– replacement parts as needed

Simple Evaporative Cooling Repair Tips

Tip No. 1: inspect the evaporative air conditioner’s belt and motor

Check to see if there is airflow coming through the motor. If there isn’t any airflow, check if the switch of the system might not have been turned on. You should also check that the system is plugged in.

But if there is nothing wrong with the switch and the air conditioner is plugged in yet there is still no airflow, check the outlet that’s supposed to be providing power to your motor. If it is not delivering power accordingly, call an electrician for assistance. Otherwise, you might need to repair or replace the motor.

You should also check if the belt on the motor is running properly, without any broken parts. It should not be slipping from the moving pulleys. If you find that it is loose and slipping, tighten the belt accordingly with a screwdriver and a wrench. A lubricating spray would also help.

Tip No. 2: Inspect the cooling pads and your system’s water pump

The pads on an evaporative cooling air conditioner should have enough moisture provided to it by the water pump. If the pads don’t appear to be moist, check the water pump to see if it is working properly.

If you find that the water pump has broken or has worn out, visit your local hardware or home improvement store to purchase a replacement. You can easily do this yourself, or hire an HVAC technician if you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own.

Besides the water pump, there might also be something wrong with the other parts that provide moisture to the pads, such as the pipes that provide water to the pump. Check for any blockages or disconnections.

You should also check the pads themselves to see if they are not defective. Check for any buildup of calcium on the pads brought by the water that is pumped through them. These calcium deposits can block air flow through the pads. Replace them immediately as you see fit.