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Home AC Maintenance Tips

You depend on your central air conditioner to keep you warm and comfortable when the temperatures soar. This means that if it breaks down in the middle of the summer, then you can expect to experience sticky and humid conditions.

There are numerous potential problems which can make your air conditioner not to work properly. A dirty evaporator or filter could cause problems, a damaged thermostat or sensor or even the motor compressor could be the culprit. When these problems occur, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced, qualified and trustworthy electrical technician to examine your system. If you didn’t know, improper handling such as failing to fix a leak and adding a wrong refrigerant as well as making other mistakes could potentially result in more serious problems.

Even though it’s true that a simple cleaning may get your HVAC system back up and running, on most occasions, you’ll need to replace certain parts. Of course, there are instances where you’ll be required even to consider a complete replacement of your air conditioner. If buying a whole new unit will be the most viable option, it would be an excellent idea to consult an experienced technician who can help you understand your needs and options in choosing the ideal unit which best suits your lifestyle. Some of the available options may include room units, central air conditioner, split system and evaporative coolers. An experienced HVAC technician can advise you on the most energy-efficient models which can help you save on your energy utility bills.

Studies show that significant number of air conditioning failures are as a result of improper installation. This implies that efforts must be made to ensure that your unit is set up appropriately during the initial installation process.

Regular maintenance along with proper repair projects will often ensure that your system remains in its top working condition and can also prolong its lifespan. So in this particular section, we want to give a few tips for your air conditioner maintenance. Check out below and enhance your knowledge.

1. Always clean your condenser coils:

The prospect of cleaning the condenser coils on a regular basis can make it easier for your AC to remove heat from the air, a phenomenon which also helps the device to consume less energy. This is often an easy job to do, and you’ll first have to turn your air conditioner at the thermostat. Shut off the condenser and then search for the metal box located on the outside of your house close to the AC’s condenser and switch it off. After this, you may then remove all the overgrown vegetation, dried leaves as well as other clutter which you may find both near and inside your condenser unit. Next, you may use the garden hose which does not have a spray attachment to rinse your condenser gently with some water. However, you should avoid the electrical connections located at the back of your AC. Ensure that the water pressure is relatively lower so as to avoid bending the fins.

2. Always replace the air filter if it’s needed:

At the beginning of the cooling season, just examine your air filter located inside the furnace and conduct a replacement especially if it is dirty. In fact, all HVAC technicians agree that you should always replace the air filter on a monthly basis. If you didn’t know, a dirty air filter could potentially block the free flow of air thus making your AC to strain even harder, consuming lots of energy in the process.

3. The coil fins:

The aluminium fins usually found on condenser and evaporator can easily bend hence hindering the efficient circulation of air through the coil. Thankfully, most AC manufacturers now sell certain devices known as fin combs which are used to brush these coil fins and restore them back to their previous best state.

4. Condensate drains:

You should routinely pass either a solid piece of wood or wire through the drain channels of your AC. On most occasions, a clogged drain channel may prevent your system from regulating humidity and the excess moisture being produced can potentially discolor your carpet and walls.

5. Window seals for your room AC.

When the cooling season starts, you should always make an effort to examine the seal between the window frame and the AC so as to ensure that it is in contact with the system’s metal case. Water or moisture can destroy this particular seal thus allowing cold air escape from your room.

For good and professional home air conditioning projects, you only seek the help of qualified technicians. However, the above are equally necessary maintenance tips for your HVAC system.