air conditioner installation

How to Choose the Perfect Spot to Install Your Air Conditioning System

You may not have an air conditioning unit, or you may want to have a new one installed but don’t know where the perfect spot to install one is. Today, I will be going over how to find the perfect spot to have your air conditioning unit installed. Amount of sunlight, air flow, ease of access, noise reduction, and amount of shade are just a few things you have to think about when replacing or getting a new unit.

1: Find a Spot with Little to No Sunlight!

You’ll want to look for a place with the least amount of sunlight throughout the day. There are a lot of components in an air conditioning unit that heat up. It’s easier on the system when you eliminate as many external stresses as possible. If there’s a tree that blocks out most of the sun, then that’s a perfect spot.

2: Ease of Access!

Make sure the unit will be in a spot that is easy to access. This is important because it is makes it quicker and easier for a professional to look at if anything goes wrong. This also makes it easier to keep clean, as well as keep an eye on it. You want it to be quick and easy to work on.

3: Find a Spot That you Won’t Hear it!

Next, you’ll want to make sure it is far enough from your bedrooms and family rooms so that you’ll hear it as little as possible when you’re inside. It’s hard to sleep when a unit is kicking on and off throughout the night. You do still want to be able to hear it a little though. This makes it easier to tell when something goes wrong with the unit. If a branch falls on top of it, or the fan in the unit gets stuck, you’ll want to hear it so you can prevent as much damage as possible.

4: Make sure There’s Plenty of Space!

Air conditioners move a lot of air on the outside. Making sure your AC is in an open space with room to breathe is important. You don’t want to cram it into a small or crowded space as this will cause problems for the unit, as well as the area around it. Don’t skip this step; it will save you time and money. Do not put a cage or box around it! This will lower the efficiency greatly.

5: If You Have to Then Make Some Shade!

If you don’t have a spot with little to no sunlight, then make a shady spot. This can be done in numerous ways, whether that be with vegetation, or having a professional build an awning over your newly selected spot. You really just want to eliminate constant sunlight on the unit its self. They produce a lot of heat, and the sun will only add stress and lower the efficiency of your unit. Please contact a professional for help; they know what works, and what doesn’t.

Those are the 5 thing’s you can look at when deciding the perfect spot for your air conditioning unit. Make sure you’ve read this article fully before making any decisions. Please contact a professional if you experience any problems with your unit.