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Check Your Home Air Conditioning Before Calling the Professionals

You think it’s your bad luck that your air conditioner stopped working on the hottest day of the year? And you just hate the thought of having to go through the ordeal of calling and waiting for the air conditioning service technicians to repair your air conditioner.

Well, while it may be your bad luck, there is also a chance that it’s a slight problem with your air conditioner. So instead of immediately calling the
air conditioning service technician, why not carry out some checks? You may not only save money but also get the air-con running!

1. The plug

The first thing you have to do is check the unit to find out if it’s not working at all, or if it’s just blowing around warm air. If it’s not working, it may be because the unit is not plugged in.

While this may be obvious, sometimes in the midst of the worry that you can’t sleep with your home air conditioning on you tend to forget the most obvious! You never know. There is always the possibility of your kid or pet may accidently partially or completely dislodging the plug. There’s also a chance of the plug getting accidentally tapped by you or your maid while vacuuming.

2. Circuit breaker and fuse

If the plug’s not the problem, next check the fuses and circuit breakers to ensure they are turned on and in place, and of course, functioning properly. There is a possibility that the circuits, especially in older homes getting overloaded if the air conditioner shares the same circuit with other electrical appliances like microwaves, refrigerators or irons.

3. Thermostat

If there’s nothing wrong with the fuse and circuit breaker, you next have to check the thermostat to find out if it’s set at the right cooling temperature. Make sure it’s working properly as just like the plugs, there is a chance of its settings accidently getting changed.

4. Fan blower belt

If all these checks don’t show anything, next check the fan blower belt if it’s excessively damaged, broken or slack. If there’s something wrong with the fan blower belt, it may lessen the air flow which consequently leads to the formation of ice and a low cooling performance. If this is the case, get the blower belt repaired or replaced and then let the ice melt before switching on your home air conditioning unit.

It’s also worth checking the unit’s coils and filters, and thoroughly clean them if they are covered with dust and debris. Of course, any ice in the unit has to be melted before restarting the unit.

5. Call the professionals

If your home air-conditioning doesn’t work despite all this checking, it’s better to call the air conditioning service professionals. They will be able to pinpoint the problem and have your air conditioning repaired and functioning so that you can enjoy its cooling effects.

It’s even better if you maintain a habit of having your technician service your air conditioner at least once or twice a year. Their maintenance reduces the possibility of a breakdown as they check, clean or replace coils and filters as necessary. They will also be able to prevent a small problem from growing into a bigger one.