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Water Heater Installation Tips

Among the most gratifying comforts brought about in modern home technology to humans is the creation of water heaters in homes. What could be more uplifting than a warm water bath on a chilly morning after waking up a sleepy body? Water heaters are now becoming a must have appliance in most homes and due to the many benefits that it comes with, today we get to look at the basic steps involved in installing one.

Installation of a water heater is quite a simple task. One can do this project on their own, if they are okay with its DIY procedure. This article covers key steps of a water heater installation. Ensure you follow thoroughly these steps and in a couple of hours, you will have your new water heater installed in your home .

First when installing the new water heater, ensure to detach the old one(existing one). Before disconnecting it, remember to turn off electricity, water and even gas supply in your home. If needed, one can use a wrench in unscrewing the inlet and outlet equipment to take out hot water. In the case of gas heaters, one needs to detach the vent pipe connected to draft hood. Also remember to remove the vent hat from the heater top. Water heaters are usually heavy. Therefore, it will be wise to use a dolly so as to avoid damages when moving the heating unit.

When the existing heating unit is totally drained of all the water and disconnected successfully, one can then remove it so as to give space for the new heating unit. After this, one needs to install any fixtures to the new heating unit such as the pressure and temperature release valves. That is if they aren’t installed already. You will then connect your home water lines ensuring you follow proper procedures so as to avoid any future leaks when the new tank gets filled. After this, one can now connect it to their power source.

Your new heating unit needs to be placed in a manner which it will offer easy access to your connecting pipes and its controls. Ensure that gas heaters units are connected firmly and securely so as to avoid gas leakage. Ensure an allowance space of about 6 inches around the unit perimeter. Also make sure that no inflammable materials are around the vicinity.

Remember to screw the fittings where blue will be the cold water inlet while red will represent hot water outlet. Also make sure that arrowheads on the unit pipes are pointing in the direction of water flow. After this, inject the 3rd line to your home water supply pipe.

After finishing all your connections, the last procedure is connecting the new heater unit to your power supply. You are allowed to refer to new water heater manual so as to be sure in the electrical connections. Open its shutoff valve in order to fill water inside the new heater. While filling it, open its hot water nozzles so as to remove air from its pipes.


Installation of a water heater can save you up to about 400 dollars depending on your living vicinity. If you are not a DIY kind of person, hiring a professional is often the best option to consider and is sure to save you money and time. If you feel it’s time to install a new water heater, take into account these few steps and you will be able to do the installation.