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Why You Should Upgrade Your Home with Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is more commonly known as central heating and is installed in most offices and households. It offers the flexibility of zoning – controlling which rooms can be heated. Through zoning a heating system the household in various parts. This can be outwardly controlled to specify when, which area needs heating whilst shutting down the areas that don’t.

This is extremely cost and energy efficient so naturally many new homeowners have this question: how much does ducted heating cost? The answer many vary depending on whether the heating system is installed in a new home or being retrofitted later on. Also which method of heating is used also plays a crucial part. Gas driven heaters or an inverted air conditioning method can be used to achieve this.

ducted heating cost

Normally a ducted heating system has the following parts:

  • Gas driven heaters or an inverted air conditioning
  • A network installation of thermally insulated ducts. This can be installed either inside a faux ceiling or under floor boards.
  • Air vents to release and circulate the air inside the specified rooms
  • A thermostat for controlling the temperature as well as managing air flow

Here’s an insight on how ducted heating works:

Gas driven heaters or an inverted air conditioning is responsible for generating hot air. This air is then pushed through a channel network of duct pipes inside the home through the air vents through ceiling or floor. A return vent is also installed which circulates the heated air through the home.

Ducted heating is a closed system. Therefore closing doors or vents affects the efficiency of the heating system. Anything restricting the air returning into the air vents affect the efficiency of the system. This is because the supply gets restricted and causes the closed room to go into negative pressure which causes cold air from the outside to be sucked inside.

The thermostat makes sure that the room temperature remains constant inside the home. This is a very efficient way of controlling the temperature of the entire home by having a programmable control panel installed at a convenient location.

The size of the heating system required can vary vastly from home to home. How much does ducted heating cost, also depends majorly on this. The greater the floor area, the heater size also has to increase proportionately. For multi storied homes or offices vertical heating system is required which adds the how costly it can be.

It is recommended for extremely cold areas to have very less number of windows and windows dissipate much of the heat and could cost up to 40 percent heat loss.

When installing duct heating, a proper planning would go far. What kind of heating is needed should be considered keeping in account future needs, such as home extensions or redevelopment. The energy generated by ducted heating is 14 KW for an area of about 140 square meters. Therefore plan according to your needs on how powerful the generator should be.